Application Process
Every student must pay the required registration fee for each year of school. Upon deposit of the nonrefundable registration fee, a registration packet will be given to first-year students. This fee will only be refunded if the school is unable to accept the student or if a job transfer has occurred, forcing the family to move out of the area.


After receipt of registration forms and fee, our office will set an appointment date for an interview with the administrator and all new students. Before a child can be admitted into our school, all necessary forms need to be signed by both the parents and the student each year. This shows that they are in total agreement with the rules and policies that have been established for our school.


Each student will be accepted into our school based upon the previous academic, spiritual, and social records provided for our school.


All new middle school and high school students must submit their testimony of salvation and a short essay on why they want to attend Lompoc Valley Baptist Schools.

All students are accepted on a probationary status.